Chianalea 54 

The B&B in Scilla with official certification of hotel quality

A fisherman's cottage in the center of the seaside village of Chianalea in Scilla, entirely renovated respecting the architecture of the place, The view of the sea, the proximity to the beach and restaurants, the decoration of the rooms, the presence of the best hotel comforts, bathroom in the room, air conditioning, WiFi, minibar, safe, espresso machine, kettle, 32 "TV, coffee table on the balcony, are the features most appreciated by guests. The continental breakfast varies from season to price. If you are looking for a Grand Hotel, large halls, lifts and hot tubs, inside parking for pleasure, do not enjoy the magic of a small fishing village. The village is not accessible by car, but nestled between the sea and the castle. The distance from the parking areas is minimal. For the lazy ones in summer, the transfer is active. B & B with ISNART hotel quality certification. On the pages of the site precise information on rooms, prices, how to reach the B & B and parking areas, on the lidos and restaurants.

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